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Bioethanol Fires

Our biofuel fireplaces can be used inside or outside in the garden. You don't need to have a flue or chimney. Fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable and green energy source, our fires don't produce any more carbon dioxide than when you exhale.

So, if you're looking for a non-toxic, clean, friendly and convenient fireplace--not to mention our incredible contemporary and stylish designs--then look no further!

All of the fires in our biofuel range can be used indoors or outside and are easy to move around, unlike gas or electric heaters. You won’t need to invest time or money on costly installations; you don’t need a gas supply or chimney.

Provided you follow our instructions carefully and utilise the tools included to light and extinguish your fire, then you can enjoy an open flame anywhere in your house, or outside, safely, with minimum effort and in hardly any time at all!

Our fires won’t make your conventional heating system redundant but they can help to banish the chill on a cold winter’s night. Furthermore, as our fires contain no moving parts, there’s nothing to go wrong and no maintenance costs.

Since our fires require no installation you aren’t going to receive a huge bill before igniting your new biofire. A litre of bioethanol fuel will burn for approximately 4 hours and is available via our website or by calling us 0116 2695 960.

Our fires are designed to burn bioethanol which is a clean and renewable source of energy derived from the fermentation of crops. Bioethanol produces no solid byproducts, no odour and very little carbon dioxide.

Contemporary & stylish
We worked hard to provide a range of contemporary designs to suit any modern household. Within the range we have freestanding fires to warm your living room and some terrific column fires to provide a focal point in your garden. The fires are all constructed of top-quality materials: high-grade stainless steel, tempered glass and durable paint.