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Living It Up's Chesterfield Sofas

Ashton Upholstered Sofa Chesterfield sofas are a traditional and ever-popular sofa design.  Distinguished by a classic buttoned backrest, these sofas evoke time-honoured luxury and style.  An outstanding example of this Chesterfield style of sofa is Living It Up’s Cara upholstered sofa.  With the fine craftsmanship and construction that is seen throughout Living It Up’s furniture range, the popular Cara sofa is only one example of a chesterfield sofa in our range. The distinctive buttoned backrest of the chesterfield has recently undergone a transformation as more contemporary designs have emerged.  Our three new sofas, Jemima, Abraham and Samuel, feature everything that made the Chesterfield so popular for so many years whilst also bringing the design up to date. Chesterfield Sofas Our Jemima upholstered sofa takes the classic rolled armrests and buttoned back of the chesterfield sofas of old and incorporates them into a more flowing shape.  Its gently slopped armrests are perfect for relaxing and reclining, the perfect modern twist on a traditional shape.  The Abraham upholstered sofa has a slimmer profile.  This more contemporary and streamlined shape is complemented with the stalwart modern construction that is a hallmark of Living It Up’s sofas. Chesterfield Sofas The Samuel sofa features deep padded upholstered seats that are incorporated into the seat.  The button patterning that is normally seen on the backrest of Chesterfield sofas is featured in the seat also so if you are a fan of buttoned upholstery then this is the sofa for you!  The large rolled armrests add a exuberant touch to the unique design of the Samuel. Whether you choose a traditional chesterfield or a unique and quirky design, you're sure to find a chesterfield to suit your style at Living It Up. Chesterfield Sofas
July 8, 2016
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