Bed in a Box by Living it Up

Bed in a Box by Living it Up
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[caption id="attachment_3057" align="aligncenter" width="508"]Alison Upholstered Bed in a Box Alison 'Bed in A Box'[/caption] We are very happy to introduce one of our newest and most creative products yet, our Bed In A Box! We are extremely proud of this new addition. A lot of love and thought has gone into designing this innovative product. The Bed In A Box was created for our customers, who would like the option of extra sleeping space. Sofa beds can sometimes be a bit chunky and cumbersome and therefore not an option where space is limited. if this is the case for you then our Bed In A Box is the perfect solution!

Two Stunning Designs, same 52 Beautiful Fabrics

We have two stunning designs available to complement your existing decor. Each come in a choice of over 50 fabric colours in various finishes. The same fabrics are used for our existing range of upholstered furniture so the Bed In A Box is able to blend seamlessly. Alternatively, it works beautifully as a standalone piece too. Milton And Alison Upholstered Bed The Milton is simple and modern and upholstered in luxurious European fabric, the box is padded with high density foam so it provides a comfortable seat when not in use as a bed. The Alison has a gorgeous button tufted design with traditional deep buttoning creating the iconic ‘Chesterfield’ look that is synonymous with luxury and elegance and still so popular in interior design today. The Alison also includes high density padding for comfort. [caption id="attachment_3061" align="aligncenter" width="505"]Milton Upholstered Bed in a Box Milton 'Bed In A Box'[/caption]

Free Fabric Samples

Our range of fabrics include rugged, strongly woven textile, velvet and wool like finishes. Whether you are looking to colour match to blend in with existing furniture or make a statement with colour or texture there are plenty of options to choose from. We recommend injecting a little personality with a bold coloured velvet such as Sedgwick Green or Regency Blue. You can read about our range of fabrics and order some of our free fabric samples here.

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Available in Regular, 2 Seater or 3 Seater Size

The standard ‘regular’ sized Milton and Alison designs are so compact that they can fit into the smallest of spaces. Their footprint is less than a metre square when folded away. Our Bed in A Box appears to be nothing more than a simple storage footstool. In fact, it will actually provide a stylish place to perch or put your feet up so it won’t ever be taking up valuable space. Folding out the bed is effortless thanks to the simple mechanism. Once in place the bed is extremely sturdy, comfortable and a generous size. Should space allow both the Milton and Alison can be made in a two or three seater size! Whether in a child’s bedroom for sleepovers, in an office or living room as a guest bed, with the ingenious Bed In A Box the possibilities are endless.  
June 26, 2018
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