Take a look at our fantastic range of contemporary beds, give your bedroom a new look.

If you can envision your new bedroom and want to find a beautiful range of contemporary beds then look no further. Living It Up has a stand out range of beds, take a look at our website and find the perfect one for you.

Living It Up specialise in contemporary beds, our wide range of platform beds will appeal to a broad range of customers. We have a selection of three colours, a range of headboards with different fabric coverings and a selection of platform designs for you to choose from. Out of our range of contemporary beds my favourite design is our Roma bed; this bed features beautiful curves at both the foot and head of the platform. I think this bed has a very tranquil Eastern style feel to it. Perfect if you want a minimalistic room, free of clutter and with a relaxing atmosphere. If you prefer a more stand out bed, one that makes its presence felt and is going to make a visual impact on everyone that gets to see it then take a look at our contemporary beds. This range of contemporary beds is only available in our walnut finish but has two options for the headboard. Speaking of which the headboard is the main feature of the bed, spanning well over the width of the bed and featuring a padded, buttoned finish in either black or white it really will be a feature of your bedroom. This bed is ideal if you have wide walls as it helps fill the space and ensures the bed does not get lost in the space. If you love this style of bed but instead of having overly wide walls have fantastic high ceilings then the Duca bed is perfect. The Duca makes the most of height, almost filling the space like a piece of modern art. If you are interested in our contemporary beds, then take a look at our website or call one of our customer advisors for more information.
August 14, 2012
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