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Velvet Beds
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Living It Up's Velvet Beds

If you are looking to bring the utmost comfort to your bedroom then upholstered velvet beds will add unrivalled cosiness. Velvet has long been associated with extravagant luxury and so upholstering your bed in this inviting fabric will bring unbounded comfort into your home.  Vibrant in colour, soft but also hard-wearing, our fabrics at Living It Up are a joy to lounge on. Living It Up’s Beaufort fabrics are sensationally smooth.  Available in a range of greys and whites; blues and greens; bronzes and yellows; our Beaufort fabrics are luscious and vibrant in colour.   These traditional tones are suited are sure to bring a certain opulence into your home.  Why not try our ever-popular Sterling Silver is a neutral tone that will complement many other colours, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try our colourful Pavilion Teal which is a deep and rich tone that really makes a statement.  If you would like to see the fabric for yourself, you can can order some free swatches from our website. Our velvet beds are available in many different sizes and styles.  Whether you’re looking for a large headboard that is sure to impress or a more subtle and something bed to fit in a smaller space, Living It Up has the style for you. You should not be constrained to thinking that a traditional fabric such as velvet should only ever upholster traditional designs.  Juxtaposing a classic material with a contemporary design can result in fantastic results.  For example, the modern metallic sleigh legs of the Rubens bed really come to life when reflecting the opulent tones of Beaufort fabrics. If you would like to order your own fabric swatches, please visit our website.
May 26, 2016
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