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What Bed Size
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Living It Up's Guide to What Bed Size to Get

When you are considering what bed size is right for you, the most important thing to get right is the balance between the mattress space you require and the size of your room. Unlike some other UK retailers, Living It Up only manufactures beds that will fit standard UK mattress sizes.  This makes things much more convenient when purchasing a mattress or bed linen.  Some other UK retailers will use European sizes or their own bespoke bed measurements which will make finding matching mattress much more harder. Our double beds will fit mattresses that are 135cm by 190cm.  This will give you a plentiful 2.57m2 of space or, if you’re sharing, 1.28m2 each.  If you require more space or are taller than 6’3” (190cm), then you may want to think about a longer size when considering what bed size to get.  At an extremely accommodating 200cm in length and 150cm in width, a king size bed will sleep two people nicely.  At 3m2, the king size bed will provide more room than the double bed but if you are looking for the most spacious sleeping place then you should consider the super king.  With an impressive width of 180cm and a length of 200cm, a super king size bed is the maximum size of our beds and will provide the most plentiful space to sprawl and relax. These beds are large and, if you are ordering one, please refer to our measuring guide to make sure it will fit in your home.  Also, keep in mind that you will have to use the measurements of the entire bed frame, not just the mattress space, when making sure that it will fit into your room of choice.
June 3, 2016
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