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Living It Up's Guide to What Mattress to Get


When considering what mattress to get, there are many things to consider.  With many options of mattress on the market, the best idea is to focus on getting the right mattress type, whether it is  open coil; pocket sprung; pillow top or memory foam, and finding the right size, double; king or superking.  Thankfully, Living It Up has all these options available. If you are looking for firm tension then our Essential Open Coil Mattress is a perfect choice for you.  Open coils allow for a breathable design and the layers of double insulator pad and soft fibre add a generous amount of comfort.  With traditional open coil mattresses, you may find that applying pressure to one part of the mattress will cause another part of the mattress to rise.  This does not occur with pocket sprung mattresses as pocket springs are individually placed each within their own pocket which allows them to move independently from each other. Another option is our pillow top mattress which is perhaps one of the most comfortable things that you will ever lie on.  With the support and comfort of 1500 pocket springs in its main mattress and a further 1000 individually pocketed springs in its pillow top, this mattress is certainly full of luxury.   Unlike traditional mattresses, our memory foam mattresses contain no springs.  Instead, our Memory Foam Mattress Deluxe and Memory Foam Mattress Compact use different layers of luxurious soft foam and supportive high density foam to form a mattress that moulds to your body.  You should sink into these mattresses, feel your weight absorbed by the foam and take pressure off your joints and muscles.  They also use Smart Silver protection so you needn't worry about  the build-up of bacteria or fungus.  Please make sure that your bed has adequate support for these mattresses; slats should be at least 5cm wide and no more than 6cm apart.  Thankfully all of Living It Up's beds offer adequate support. If you are still undecided on whether to choose a spring mattress or a memory foam mattress, there is also the option of our Memory Foam Deluxe Pocket Spring.  Combining the best of both worlds, this mattress uses 1600 individually fabric wrapped pocket springs that are placed between 7 centimetres of thick high density memory foam to create a supremely comfortable mattress. Choosing the size of your mattress could not be easier with Living It Up.  Unlike other UK retailers,  Living It Up only provides mattresses in UK standard sizes and so it is as simple as matching your mattress size to your bed size.  If you would like to read more on bed sizes, click here.
June 27, 2016
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