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Our Cedar Wood Products


There are some natural characteristics to cedar wood. It's part of the reason we chose cedar for our furniture, we feel this adds to the beauty of the piece, and gives and important connection to the natural world. It also means each piece is individual with it's own character.

It is important to be aware of what characteristics exposed Cedar wood may display, these are not defects or faults but make each item stand out as a unique piece with a lineage far beyond its finished product.

  • What may appear to be an irregularity in the grain is the natural formation of the timber.

  • Dark or light ‘cracks’ that show within the grain are likely to be mineral deposits. These appear as the tree takes its nutrients from the water table and where minerals are then bought into the tree and settle within its grain.

  • As well as being visible as lines within the grain some minerals can deposit as smaller dots within the grain in a lighter, chalky colour.

  • Their may also be variations in the colour from product to product as different timbers can have unique shades


Care and Maintenance;

In order to ensure your item last as long as it should in the best condition we provide the following regarding the Cedar wood that features in our furniture.

  • Do not allow spillages to be left on the surface.

  • Please protect against very hot or very cold items with an appropriate matt.

  • Sunlight can bleach the cedar wood so please try to keep it out of direct sunlight or where it may be exposed to dramatic changes in temperature.

  • Cedar may be cleaned with a wood polish or beeswax – please use lint free clothes when cleaning.

  • A protective lacquer has been applied to the item; any attempts to stain or apply another lacquer will result in voiding the warranty on the product.