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Our upholstered headboards come as one solid piece and cannot be bent or broken down. So, before taking delivery, make sure to:

• Find and measure the shortest distance between the ceiling and the stairs and make sure this distance is greater than the height of the headboard

Remember: Take several different measurements at several different angles (as shown on the diagram) between the ceiling and the stairs as the shortest distance may not necessarily be where you first imagine.  If you are unsure then measure every step. 

• Identify and measure any narrow corridors and tight angles that the headboard will have to fit through

Take care: Bends on stairs and through doors are often problem areas so triple check that your headboard will be able to fit around the bend without scraping on any walls.

Please note: It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that there is adequate access to deliver the bed.  If a delivery cannot be made due to access, the customer is still responsible for the delivery charge of the bed.