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Our Rattan Product Materials

Our Rattan

The rattan which we use to manufacture our garden products is a synthetic PE rattan designed to be durable, weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free. We only use PE grade rattan in our products as it is superior to other grades. 

Our rattan is simple to care for and requires virtually no maintenance. To remove any dirt or dust simply wipe down with warm, soapy water. Even without an outdoor cover the furniture can be left outdoors throughout the year.

Our natural effect rattan includes a four-colour weave to achieve the most authentic rattan look. For a more contemporary look our products are also available in an intricately textured black rattan. Some of our products utilise a thick-weave rattan whilst others are constructed of a thinner weave to accommodate their more intricate design.  All products are liable to slight variations due to the fact that they are hand-woven.  

Below is a picture showing the four different types of rattan which we use and the features of the different rattan grades. 

Our Frames
The frames which are used to construct our garden furniture are manufactured of a strong and lightweight powder-coated aluminium. This is fully weather-proof, as with our rattan, to ensure that our products are virtually maintenance free.

Please note if you live in a coastal area your furniture will require more maintenance. Furniture should be washed regularly to avoid salt damage to the frames. Living It Up cannot be held accountable for damage caused by environmental factors such as this.

Our Base and Scatter Cushions
The base cushions and scatter cushions included with our rattan furniture are made from a shower proof polyester, they are also UV protected so they won't fade in the sun. They are durable enough to be left outside in the summer and through light showers, however we recommend storing them indoors during the winter and heavy periods of rain. We also recommend that they are hand washed only.

Our Parasols
Our Parasols canopies are made from Polyester which is perfect for garden environments.