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Our Storage Beds

The underbed storage system, offered on a selection of our beds is the ideal way to help provide a place to store excess bedding or other items that otherwise you may struggle to find space for. Our underbed storage system is not available across our entire range of beds but is avaiable for some of contemporary and upholstered beds.

The underbed storage system works by using gas hydraulics that slowly lifts the mattress to allow you access to the space underneath. The hydraulic safely holds the mattress at an open angle and then will slowly return to the bed once you softly pull down on the mattress.

On our contemporary beds, where this option is available, it can simply be added to the existing design and does not change the overall look of the bed at all. However, with the upholstered beds a different base has to be used to accommodate the storage system. The headboard and dimensions will be unaffected by the storage system, however, as you will be able to see from the website a deeper base is needed to accommodate the underbed storage.

Unfortunately we cannot offer the under bed storage across our entire range but where it can be added we have ensured this option is available. If you have any questions about the storage system please calls our dedicated team of sales representatives.