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Our Upholstered Fabrics



Our brand new range of upholstered beds are hand crafted to order from the same experienced suppliers as our sofas. The process begins with the creation of an engineered hardwood frame; this is formed from a combination of both European beech wood and plywood, this creates a very strong frame that is the perfect starting point to ensuring you get the very most your of your bed. The frame is surrounded by high density foam to ensure the headboard and footboard retains their shape whilst also offering comfort.

Following this process the bed frame is upholstered in a high quality fabric that is both durable and luxurious. The fabric is available in a range of colours from neutral to bold, we are sure every taste can be satisfied, you can request samples of these to ensure you really do love the colour before ordering.  We have sourced our material from specialist mills across the world who have extensive experience in creating durable fabric for soft furnishings.

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All our upholstered range feature sprung slat bases. Sprung slats are a very popular choice in beds as the curved slats adjust to support weight where the most pressure is applied. All our beds are double sprung, where two sets of sprung slats are supported by a central rail, this means there is no central dip so you don't roll together and as you are both individually supported you won't be disturbed when your partner gets in and out of bed.



Sofas and Chairs

Our range of sofas and chairs are made with a similar process and constructed using the same high quality materials. A combination of beech and plywood is used to create a solid frame which is then padded with high-density foam to create all the comfort you need but also retain it's original shape. The wooden feet are made from solid dark stained beech whilst the metal feet are made from stainless steel. The piece is then upholstered in our specially sourced european fabrics for a luxurious and durable finish. We offer free fabric samples of our upholstered fabrics so you can ensure you'll be happy with the texture and colour of your furniture. 

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